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About Beth Stuart

Beth Stuart started teaching vinyasa flow yoga after discovering the transformative power of the practice while attending college in New York City. She is known for her playful and creative sequencing, upbeat music, and spiritual guidance. Beth sees yoga as a moving meditation and strives to help her students color outside the lines of their practice by inspiring them to be curious and open. Her vigorous vinyasa flow classes will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and thirsty for more. Beth has studied with some of the world’s leading yoga teachers, including Schuyler Grant, David Regelin, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Kathryn Budig—and she constantly seeks out new training in order to grow her own practice and teaching. Beth is based in Sun Valley, Idaho and is co-owner of idaYOGA a yoga studio in Hailey, Idaho. Beth is available for private sessions, group classes, special events, retreats, modeling, and travel. Off the mat, Beth practices the yoga of mothering with her greatest teacher of all, 6-year-old Jack.

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